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Golf Courses in Central New York Website Directory

Golf courses in Central New York can be found at Golf CNY was developed using a template made for CMSimple. This is a directory created for website visitors looking for golf courses in Central New York. There is also opportunity to make money from this website using Google AdSense, Amazon Ads and hotel options. This domain was purchased on June 26, 2006, to participate in a competition to see who could make the most money on a $25 budget. Because I was able to do the development and we were able to sign a sponsor, Golf Unlimited, we won the competition.
According to Google Analytics, only 6.61% of my visitors are using 800x600 screen resolution. This has been the basis of my argument about why websites should continue to use the "stretch to fit" option instead of a fixed width at 800 pixels wide.
Search engines are sending the majority of traffic my way with a total of 89.26%. That can be further broken down into Google with 63.91% and Yahoo with 17.91%. The rest are a combination of: AOL, Live, MSN, Ask, Netscape and Search. As for referring sites, is leading the way with eight visits.
Golf Courses in Central New York Website Directory - K Squared - K2
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