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Using Squidoo for SEO

Using Squidoo for SEO

Squidoo for Traffic & Link Building

Using Squidoo for seo can benefit website traffic and link building. What is a Squidoo? A Squidoo lens is a mix between a Wiki page and a blog. The goal is to be very specific and yet be able to write what you want about the subject you choose.
Squidoo for Traffic & Link Building

Getting Website Traffic from Squidoo

Using Squidoo for website traffic is beneficial because it drives very targeted traffic to your website. Your lens is created about one subject so it's area of focus is very narrow. Because of that, people that visit your lens are only interested in one thing and when they get to your website, they're still only interested in one thing.

Link Building Using Squidoo

Link building can be the most time-consuming and hardest part of an Internet marketing company's job. Imagine being able to control anchor text, destination url, page positioning and page content? With Squidoo, you can!

Those familiar with seo know that you should concentrate on deep linking within your website. The links that get created without your knowledge (or in your honor) are often pointed at the homepage. However, that's not usually your money maker, an interior page is. Using Squidoo to deep link to interior pages and hopefully get them indexed on Google's first page. Make sure you spend some time creating a good lens. Just like anything else on Google, if it has quality content that's relevant and meaningful, you may see your page rank increase. Using that high page rank to deep link to your website is a best case scenario.

Google & Squidoo

Squidoo has tried very hard to make sure that the few don't ruin it for the many. In the past, spammers tried to misuse Squidoo for the deep linking possibilities mentioned above. That's why I warned you - it must be relevant, meaningful content.
Link Building Using Squidoo

Final Thoughts on Squidoo

It's worth it to give using Squidoo for seo a shot. It'll take an hour to setup your first lens but it's well worth it. I will continue to work on my Squidoo lens and I will encourage my friends and clients to do the same.

YouTube Video about Squidoo Marketing

YouTube is a great place to find videos about Squidoo marketing techniques. If the video isn’t playing, you can go right to YouTube and watch the video.

Squidoo Slap: Case Study 1 - Real Lenses

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