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Tandem Skydiving - First Time Skydive Video - Matt's Skydive

If you are interested in tandem skydiving, then I suggest Blue Sky Adventures Skydiving in CNY for your first time skydive video. Below is an example of Matt's first time tandem skydiving video. My husband, Keith Humpf, is a tandem instructor at their dropzone and I trust him with my life. Tandem skydiving is when a first time skydiver is connected with a harness to a tandem instructor. The instructor will control the entire jump, which includes exit, freefall, steering the canopy and the landing. There is a first time tandem skydiving video that you must watch and waivers to be filled out.
Tandem skydiving can be more expensive than other types of skydiving but it is completely worth it is you are interested in the full experience of skydiving without the responsibility. Tandem skydiving is so popular that Wikipedia has it's own page on tandem skydving. You can also check out other videos of tandem skydiving here: Skydiving Videos. If you live in a different area of the country and you are interested in tandem skydiving, you can check out the dropzone directory.
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