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How to Use Amazon Widgets on Your Website and to Make Money

Using Amazon widgets on your website to make money is very easy. Amazon gives you many different options (see below) that you can modify to fit the style and content of your website. Right now, I'm at a four percent affiliate rate. The next stage is six percent. Amazon has become the marketplace of the Internet, with good reason. You can also create your own aStore (Amazon Storefront). Amazon offers Amazon Web Services (AWS), their API. Basically, an api, or application program interface, is a set of tools that control how your website visitors interface with the service. Make sure you check out the affiliate program at Amazon for an easy way to deliver more value to your website visitors.

Page Recommender Widget

Help your visitors to discover relevant pages within your website, using Amazon's own recommendations technology - for free! Drive page views, session lengths, and referral fees by placing this widget on the pages you'd like to be recommended to your users. Amazon's unique understanding of your users lets us target related pages and products tailored to their individual tastes. Read more.

MP3 Clips Widget

Add music to your web site with the MP3 Clips widget. Search through Amazon’s catalog of DRM-free MP3 music and add entire albums or select specific MP3 tracks to add to your widget. You can also showcase the latest Bestsellers from any music genre. If that isn't enough, your MP3 Clips widget can also automatically display the latest MP3 tracks you purchase on Learn more.

Search Widget

The Search Widget lets you include an Amazon search box on your page. Any search typed into the search box will show the matching Amazon products inside the widget. This lets your viewers look for Amazon products without ever leaving your page. Learn more.

Deals Widget

Showcase the hottest deals from Amazon on your web page. Delight your viewers with the Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals or Our Best Deals from across Amazon.

Slideshow Widget

Make elegant slideshow widgets out of images chosen from products across the entire Amazon catalog - CD cover art, DVD's, books, anything!

Carousel Widget

Take your products for a spin in the Carousel widget. Hand-pick your favorite products or choose from several lists including Amazon Bestsellers and Hot New Releases.

Movie & TV Show Preview Widget

Show movie previews from the latest Hollywood blockbusters and TV shows available from the Amazon Video On Demand digital video store.

Banner Links for Homepage Links

Use an Easy Link to feature a variety of promotions or select a promotional banner to feature specific product categories.

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