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101 Uses for Ball Bearings

My co-worker, Mike, created a great lens on 101 uses for ball bearings at Squidoo. Here are just a few from his list:

3. advanced flywheel energy storage systems
     Does anybody know what an advanced flywheel energy storage system is?

4. guitars
     Where would a ball bearing belong on a guitar? Maype the tuning knobs at the top?

Earthquake-Proof Building6. earthquake-proof buildings in san francisco (pictured to the left)
     Really? There are earthquake-proof buildings?

17. competition yo-yos
     I wonder what's the difference between a regular yo-yo and a competition yo-yo?

Catapillar22. catapillars
    I didn't know those cute, fuzzy little creatures could have ball bearings inside of them!

49. aircraft lavatory
   Lots of thoughts on this one.

93. chainsaws
     Makes sense but thought it was cool enough to mention.

Check out the rest of list at 101 uses for ball bearings.
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